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Our artists offer you a wide range of pictures ranging from pictures of flowers and classic still life, trendy patterns and cuisine designs and stunning photos.
We work together with the industry's most renowned and talented artists, designers and photographers.

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Heigl is today one of the most widely published artists in Germany. Some 400 of his paintigs have been reproduced as prints and over one million of artprints has been sold so far.
His popular images have already been successful on a variety of licensed product categories.

In her multifaceted works well-travelled designer Andrea Haase combines her passion for painting, graphics and photography.

Eugen Stross is a distinguished designer, painter, illustrator and author of numerous children’s books. His colourful, often mosaic-like works range from landscapes and animals to abstracts.

Leipzig-born designer Mandy Reinmuth skillfully combines funky retro-chic with modern lifestyle elements.

Artist and Designer Mark Andrew Allen describes his style as "Retro Pop". His images reflect happy memories and the dream of the American way of life.

Izabella Markiewicz alias Maedchenwahn ist Spezialistin für moderne Muster mit Retro-Touch und poppige Illustrationen mit klarem Strich.

Australian artist Kat Kalindi Cameron loves colour, Pop and Folk Art – they are the inspiration for her cute characters, playful patterns and colourful motto illustrations that brighten up any day.

The secret of Kathrin Strassek‘s success is her versatility: she not only knows how to create modern geometrical patterns, but a broad variety of styles. She interprets the latest trends individually. Her personal style is what makes her images special.

Igor Levashov was born near Moscow in 1964. His detailed paintings were exhibited in different cities worldwide. His Artwork has been published as art prints and license products successfully.

The designer duo creates beautiful designs in stitch optic inspired from new trends and nostalgic patterns.

Andreas Hirsch loves the unpredictability of watercolours and ink. The colourful images by the Munich-based designer and illustrator are inspired by nature, travelling and cooking.

Hans Paus creates some unique atmospheres, impressions and landscapes , inspired by nature and his observations.

Günther Hermann is famous for atmospheric landscapes and garden architectures.

Scottish painter Jacqueline Stanhope is one of the leading equine painters worldwide. Every painting of hers is a tribute to the animal. She is specialised on painting horses, but her other loving animal portrayals are also popular motives on art prints and other licenced products.

Candice Valeureuse is a successful commercial photographer. With the pseudonym Candice she creates her very own interpretations of subjects of everyday life. With her images she enables us to discover these subjects with a new perspective.


Renate Holzner's works range from still lifes, florals and landscapes to photo collages, abstract and photo-realistic paintings.

Sinead Jones has a passion for art, especially for painting flowers and designing greeting cards. The trained Latvian artist combines painting, drawing and computer graphics to create colourful images that lift the spirit.

The macro photographs of Heidi Bremer represent the colors, shapes and textures found in nature in a lifelike manner.

Dave Butcher created great effects and captured the beauty of simplicity of places he visited in his black and white photographs.

The enchanted art of Australian artist Selina Fenech inspires fantasy fans all over the world.


The photographer is a master of still life arrangements full of atmosphere.

Daniëlle Nengerman combines printing with free hand painting to create unique effects. Her paintings capture the perishable beauty of nature.

German Citizen Life 1900–1913

On her website www.buergerleben.com Grete Otto takes an entertaining look at varying topics from the beginning of 20th century Germany. In our gallery you can find the finest images from a time that is worth rediscovering.